Chapelle Saint-Joseph

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Born from the whims of the relief and the fervour of an Abbot, it makes its appearance at the bend in the path that climbs to the Chapelle Largeau. Like a guide or a lighthouse, soothing by its serene presence, and so eternal: the Chapel of Saint Joseph stands at the top of the Ouin Valley. The traveller may be astonished, moved or meditate in front of this majesty. It proudly dominates this valley, at the bottom of which, the river Ouin, runs alongside, meanders and separates, sometimes the Maine et Loire, the Vendée or the Deux Sèvres. At the height of the trilogy, the parish itself was, over the centuries, under the dependence of three dioceses: Maillezais, La Rochelle and Poitiers! »

Chapelle Saint-Joseph Rue Saint-Joseph - 79700 MAULEON

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