Carrière de Cinq Coux - Géosite

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Exploited from the end of the 19th century, the former Beausoleil open-cast quarry, located in the Lambon valley, remained in operation until 1960. The extraction of limestone was then mainly intended for the production of stone material in the form of aggregates. While the site bears witness to a once important extractive activity on the territory, it is also of fundamental scientific interest for Poitou-Charentes and more widely for the Centre-West of France. The face exposes five floors of Jurassic, nearly 35 million years recorded. These sedimentary deposits illustrate the progression of the sea on our continent and provide information on the evolution of landscapes and species. After exploitation, this quarry, with its many habitats, was reclaimed by a rare or protected fauna and flora.

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Carrière de Cinq Coux - Géosite D 304 - Axe La Couture - Sainte-Blandine - 79370 AIGONDIGNE

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