Cadran solaire (1982)

  • Le cadran solaire

The only example of gnomonic realisation undertaken on such an important scale for the contemporary period. Several times quoted to the Solar Sundials Commission for its precision rarely achieved on monumental Gnomonic works.
It is at 1 min 52 s. of time of the meridian of Greenwich: situation allowing to make a direct reading of the projected shadow. It is a polar* sundial with 3 tables shifted by 4 hours, weighing 170 t., measuring 17.30 m. of development on the ground and 5.25 m. high. The polo or style-axis (= needle) casts its shadow on the reading table. Indication of solar time by Roman numerals, summer time by normal numerals and winter time by taking the middle (summer time - 1 and solar + 1). Thanks to its large size, a simple sight along the polos helps to locate the North Star.

Cadran solaire (1982) N248, au milieu de la bretelle d'accès à l'A10 - 79360 GRANZAY-GRIPT

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