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  • L'église Saint-Martin
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Watered by the Courance, the village of Brûlain was in the twelfth century in the hands of the Lusignans. In 1716, the parish had 43 farms. The subdelegate Laurent Chebrou writes in his State of the election of Niort: "There are raised many sheep, many mares, most of them clean for the carriage... It is home to the most beautiful stud studs and stud studs in the whole province". In 1817 Baptiste-Paul Grimaud, the inventor of the reversible card with the portrait with two heads, was born in the town, where a pump and a wash-house were installed, and the public library was endowed with numerous works. The farming tradition continues today: two farms transform their milk production into cheese and butter.

What to see: Château de la Mothe-du-Bois, gentilhommière de Bourgneuf, église Saint-Martin.

Brûlain - 79230 BRULAIN

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