Aérodrome Niort-Marais poitevin

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The aerodrome is open all year round, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. A duty call system is in place and that means that requests for take off or landing can be answered within 15 minutes. The aerodrome has a surfaced landing strip that is 1783 metres long and 30 metres wide. It is orientated 07/25 with day-time and night-time signals. It can receive aircraft (regional transport planes, military transport planes, business flights and light aircraft). There is a 680 metre long and 80 metre wide grass strip with day-time signals only.
At the Niort Marais Poitevin aerodrome it is possible to discover and practice different sports (flying school, gliders, ULM, parachuting, model aircraft, and flights with collector's aircraft. (There is a ULM school and a model aircraft strip and a parachute landing target).

Aérodrome Niort-Marais poitevin Avenue de Limoges - 79000 NIORT

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