Abbaye de Saint Jean de Bonneval

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The abbey of Saint Jean de Bonneval was founded in the second half of the 10th century, about 1050 years ago. The abbey developed during the Middle Ages, holding chapels and churches, such as Saint Médard de Thouars, mills, vineyards, cereal fields and even a village: Faye L'Abesse. The variety and number of its possessions indicate that the abbey is an important economic pole. The abbey prospered until the revolution which marked its end. It was demolished after 1796. Today only the old parish church of St. John and some remains of the monastery buildings remain. The abbey was organised around two courtyards: one facing outwards with the main entrance portal, the second gave access to the abbey church with the abbess' chapel, the refectory and its chapter house as well as the dormitory.

Abbaye de Saint Jean de Bonneval Rue des Petits Bournais - 79100 SAINT-JEAN-DE-THOUARS

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