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A good time in the marais poitevin

Cycle 21 km through the heart of the magnificent Marais Poitevin, hike 10 km along the mysterious canals, discover typical villages, visit a brewery to taste good local beers, go on a hot air balloon flight, eat at excellent restaurants… Everything you need for a great weekend with friends.

Automne Printemps Été
  • Survoler le Marais poitevin
  • La capitale du Marais poitevin : Coulon
  • Le port d’Arçais
  • La Venise verte à vélo

IDÉAL POUR Découvrir le Marais poitevin autrement, entre amis.


1ST DAY | Best foot forward for Coulon!

What more could you want, a weekend with friends, long walks, great restaurants and aperitifs (in moderation, of course)? The idea was to have fun and it worked! We met in Coulon, the capital of the Marais Poitevin, to set off on a bike rideCircuit no. 9 is perfect because it takes you through typical Marais villages, along the flat roads in Green Venice. 21km in 2 hours: ok, it’s not super fast, but Audrey just wanted to take photos to post on Instagram! After all the effort, we relaxed at La Pigouille. Now it was the arms’ turn to work rather than the legs. We hired canoes to make our way through the maze of Marais Poitevin canals. It was lovely, and so quiet… At the end of the day, we headed for a brewery, the tête de Mule. It was a really interesting visit, followed by a delicious tasting. You need to rehydrate after all that exercise! We had dinner on the terrace at the Bœuf en Écailles, overlooking the river, and then a night at the Maison Flore in Arçais, a perfect end to the day. We really loved the hotel garden, at the edge of the canals of the Marais Poitevin, and particularly the breakfast, prepared with local and organic produce. We would definitely recommend this calm hotel, with its warm welcome.


Day 01


2ND DAY | Our first hot air balloon flight!

We don’t normally get up early on a Sunday morning, but when we’ve got a hot air balloon flight, planned, there’s no stopping us! It was the first time for all six of us, and it’s a memory that will stay with us for ever. The sensations are crazy when you’re flying, brushing against the treetops and within touching distance of the clouds. The Marais Poitevin landscape is impressive. We even followed a group of deer, flying quite low: it was magical. After trying fricassée of eel and frogs’ legs at the Brasserie de La Repentie, we spent the afternoon in Arçais, a Petite Cité de caractère® and home to many artisans. It’s also the starting point for a 10km hike, called the « Chemin faisant sur l’histoire d’Arçais ». A great walk where you are surrounded by the wild marsh. You even see the ‘trous de bris’, holes which were used to extract the clay to make tiles. You learn something new every day!


Day 02




The Marais is full of flavours! Don’t miss the opportunity to try angelicamojette beanseellumas (snails) or even coypu paté… Another thing you shouldn’t miss is the famous Farci Poitevin; a traditional Marais dish made from curly kale, green vegetables, eggs and lard. Enjoy your meal !


Be inspired ! So, now you know all the unique places that Charlotte and her friends visited, from the bike ride to Coulon, to the petite cité de caractère of Arçais, and the best restaurants and breweries in the Marais Poitevin !